Autumn in Sierra Foothills

It has been over a year since we’ve made a move to live in Sierra foothills from the Bay Area. It has been an exciting year for us, and we have learned a lot about mountain lifestyle, trees, wildlife, community, and farming.

One of the highlights was the Mariposa Certified Farmer's Market. We really appreciate the organizers and the Mariposa community, who welcomed and supported us through out the season. Our interactions with customers and fellow farmers brought much joy to our lives, and it was wonderful to be part of the beautiful community full of like-minded people. Although we feel a little sad about the market ending for the season, we are also excited about the upcoming adventures, and cool weather mushroom varieties the new season is bringing. Along with our favorite Pearl Oysters, Shiitake and Blue Oysters are starting to kick off, and we have Lions Manes and King Oysters incubating and getting ready to fruit!

Mushrooms are like a living sponge, they absorb everything around them, the air, water, energy, the substrate they grow on. We provide the purest possible environment for them—clean mountain air, pristine well water, positive vibes. Free from pollution, chemicals or pesticides. The result is clean happy mushrooms with nothing but full of good nutrition and health benefits. We take pride in our mushrooms and it's our pleasure to share them with everyone who enjoy them.

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