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Esoteric Magic Farm is the first and only certified producer of gourmet and medicinal mushrooms in Mariposa County. This small family-run farm located in the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains neighboring Yosemite National Park, specializes in growing exotic and seasonal mushrooms. Our mushrooms are handcrafted to the highest standard, using water from deep within the mountain, clean air, in a pristine mountain environment, from the hands of life-long passionate mushroom enthusiasts.

Natural Medicine

Mushrooms are not only delicious, but also known as a nutrient dense superfood with amazing health benefits. They are known for their anti-viral, anti-cancer, anti-tumor, and anti-oxidant properties. They are also known to strengthen the immune system, lower cholesterol levels, and much more, all well documented by science. They have also been utilized in folk medicine since ancient times in many cultures. It’s our mission to draw attention to the health properties of mushrooms, promote awareness, and make them available to people who would be able to benefit from their life-enhancing properties.  Learn More >

Culinary Enrichment

Aside from their nutritious properties, one of the greatest features of cooking with mushrooms is their flavor enhancing qualities. Mushrooms, especially Shiitake, are an excellent source of Umami, or savory taste, one of the five basic tastes together with sweetness, sourness, bitterness, and saltiness. It balances out the overall flavor of a dish, and makes it deeper and more complex. Some of the umami boosting parings with mushrooms are tomato, parmesan cheese, miso, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, and meats.

Another joyful quality is the excellent textures you experience while dining on mushrooms. They are also a good source of protein, which perfects a vegetarian dish, giving it a greater sense of satisfaction.


Fungi are mother nature’s decomposers. They turn vegetative organic materials into the delicious mushrooms that we all know and love. Also into a nutrient rich compost, which can be used in a variety of ways. Some of the noteworthy qualities of spent mushroom substrate include reducing bacteria and toxins from waterways, clean up and neutralize oil spills, extract life improving medicines and enzymes, preventing erosion and more. 


At our farm, we use our mushroom compost as an organic soil amendment for better overall soil structure and plant health, which improves the quality of the food from our vegetable garden. Once the crops are harvested, we use the non-edible portions of the plant to grow more mushrooms. Essentially creating a closed loop of true recycling. We believe in taking an environmentally positive approach and practice farming in harmony with nature.

Bringing magic to the world

Our main focus is to bring magic to the world by helping people to live healthier, more delicious, enhanced lives, and contribute to the beauty of the world. We believe in the healing properties and are constantly in awe of the overall power that mushrooms have. Whether observing them in nature or making a meal more elegant, it's a joy for us, and we hope you find this world as fascinating as we do. Look forward to our upcoming events and fun things we will be participating in.

We are open to collaborating with chefs, medical/health professionals, organizations or individuals who are interested in our products or practices. If you are interested in working with us, feel free to contact us.


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